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18 nov. 2013

Aici locuieste Adrian

Chingford is a suburban London district, situated 10 miles (16 km) northeast of Charing Cross. Historically a rural Essex parish, it gained Urban district status in 1894, and between 1938 and 1965 formed the core of the Municipal Borough of Chingford, Chingford now forms part of the north-east London Borough of Waltham Forest.[1][2] It borders Essex to the north, Enfield to the north-west, Woodford Green to the east, Walthamstow to the south and Edmonton to the west. To the west are the William Girling and King George V reservoirs, known together as the Chingford reservoirs, and the River Lea. To the north lies Epping Forest, which is in Essex but is maintained by the City of London Corporation.[3]


2 comentarii:

Adrian spunea...

esti pe aproape! AOL schimba periodic adresa IP ca sa previna unele neplaceri abonatilor.
eu de fapt locuiesc in Enfield.

disa spunea...